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6 Week Glow Up Challenge

The 'never-ending' cycle stops here!

Take back your confidence and power to become the best version of yourself or Your Money Back!

We are so confident and passionate in our clients getting the results that they want, that if after following the plan and guidance given, our clients haven't hit their goals set by them and their coach, they will receive a 100% refund. 

Next cycle starts Monday 17th  June


Pilates Friends

Effective Workout Program

Receive tailored home/gym workouts. Join 3 live weekly group classes, recorded for later viewing, with adaptable options for all fitness levels. Achieve your goals through convenient, engaging, and diverse sweat-inducing routines.

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Habit and Progress Tracking

Monitor habits and progress through our tracker, fostering positive daily changes. Our accountability system maintains motivation. Join a supportive community of like-minded women for sharing and upliftment. Track progress via a leaderboard and win exciting prizes for reaching milestones, adding an extra dash of motivation and enthusiasm.

Prepared Meals

Meals for Different Cultures

Diversity is at the heart of our program, reflected in our healthy and tasty recipes and meal plans catered to different cultures. Our expert nutritionists have curated a range of options to accommodate various dietary preferences and ensure you enjoy nourishing meals while exploring diverse flavours.

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Community of Like-Minded Women 

Become part of our spirited community of women, fostering connections, shared experiences, and mutual empowerment. Engage with a progress-tracking leaderboard and friendly competition. Attain thrilling prizes upon achieving milestones, infusing extra enthusiasm and motivation into your journey.

Running Shoes

Running Guidance

Elevate cardio fitness with running guidance and outdoor integration. Enjoy weekly check-ins and Q&A sessions for constant support, motivation, and addressing concerns in your journey towards holistic well-being.

Holding Hands Up High

Expert Support 

Expect unparalleled support from our team of dedicated trainers who are committed to your success. Alongside the physical aspect, we understand the importance of mindfulness and mental health. We offer resources and guidance to foster a positive mindset, incorporating mindfulness practices and mental health support into our program.

6 Week Glow Up Program

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